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Templates Overview

In witboost we distinguish two types of templates:

  • an Infrastructure Template is a microservice that is capable of provisioning a component for a specific technology (e.g. a specific provisioner that creates Athena tables).
  • a Use Case Template is a Backstage template that defines the structure of the component that will be provisioned. Multiple Use Case Templates can be handled by the same Infrastructure Template.

While an Infrastructure Template gets deployed in your infrastructure, a Use Case Template is only responsible to scaffold a skeleton of a component or a Data Product and it is stored in a repository. The Use Case Template is able to incorporate your organization's best practices.


You can link multiple Use Case Templates to an Infrastructure Template, once it is deployed.

As an example, you can deploy an Infrastructure Template capable of provisioning workloads for any given technology X. Then, you can create multiple Use Case Templates for it, which will set up a workload for different needs: ingestion, transformations, aggregations, etc. All of those Use Case Templates will be sent to the same Infrastructure Template for provisioning since it is capable of handling all of them.