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The notification plugin is a useful tool that helps users stay updated about important events and activities within the web app. A user can visualize his notifications by clicking in the bell icon on top of the web page.

Notification bell icon

You will be brought to your Notification center. In this panel you can filter all your notifications by kind and read status.

Notification center

We have three kinds of notifications:

  • Access Request: notify the owner about an access request for a component of his Data Product. The notification displays the author of the request (in this case "Mario Rossi") and the identities the access is requested for (in this case "Giuseppe Verdi"). The recipient can choose to accept or reject the request, giving read permissions to the identities in the Requested forNotification access request
  • Question: notify the user about a question relative to a data product. The user can respond to the question. Notification question
  • Informative: notify the user about an event.

Change Management Helper

The following section showcases the various customization options available.

Our platform offers flexible settings for notifications, allowing you to enable or disable them and choose the recipients based on specific events.

Here are the available customization options:

Notification Options:

EventDescriptionSend NotificationSend Mail
New VersionTriggered when a new version of a data product is created.✔️✔️
New SystemTriggered when a new data product is registered.✔️✔️
New TemplateTriggered when a new data product template is registered.✔️✔️
New DomainTriggered when a new domain is registered.✔️✔️
New PolicyTriggered when a new policy is registered.✔️✔️

Recipient Options

For each event, notifications can be sent to the following recipients:

Data Product Consumers OwnersRefers to the owners of components that read from the subject data product.
Data Product OwnersIncludes all users who own at least one data product.

By leveraging these customization options, you can tailor the notifications to meet your specific needs and ensure that the right stakeholders receive the relevant information.