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I've received an error message stating I need to configure my personal access token

When performing actions that will act on a repository (creating a new repository, committing/pushing some files, etc) witboost requires you to specify the token that you will be using to interact with the git repository. If the token is not set, an error message will notify you to configure it in your personal settings. To do it, on top of the page, click on your profile picture and then click on Settings and Profile. Then in the Settings page click on the Advanced tab and here you can set up your token or username/password for your git provider.

I have updated the metadata of a data product but I am not able to visualize them in the Marketplace

Remember that the Marketplace is updated only by deploy operations, so you will need to perform another deploy operation in case you want to change the metadata visualized in the Marketplace. Since all Specific Provisioners must be idempotent, deploy operations are idempotent as well, so you can always re-deploy an already deployed data product to update its metadata.

I have deployed a Dp but it is not visible in the Catalog

You need to release a deployed DP version to be visible in the catalog. Please refer to DP release lifecycle page